The 49th Goes South for the Mobile Campaign

After a period of garrisoning towns across northern Missouri, in January and February the scattered companies of the 49th Missouri were brought together to be sent south to take part in the campaign to capture Mobile, Alabama.

From the St. Louis Dispatch, February 10, 1865:

This splendid regiment, Lieut. Col. Dyer, commanding, arrived at St Louis from Northeast Missouri last Saturday and marched out to Benton Barracks.  This morning, preceded by their brass band and with colors flying, the Forty-ninth Missouri regiment of infantry marched down Fourth Street to Chesnut, and then to the levee, where they embarked on board the steamer Ed. Walsh, bound for New Orleans, where they will join the command of Gen. Canby, and its expedition into the interior of the cotton states.  The regiment is over eight hundred strong, the men large and healthy.  Our Missouri regiments have a glorious record, and we predict that the Forty-ninth will keep up the reputation of Missouri for fighting men.  Success to them say we.