Post-War Deaths – Company D

The National Archives contains pension records for many soldiers of the 49th Missouri which are kept in separate files from their military records. The index to these records often recorded the date and place of death of soldiers receiving pensions and I have abstracted that data, when available, for the men of Company D.

Name Date of Death City State
Asa H. Arnall 1/3/1872 Neosho MO
Sylvester Carl 7/23/1909
Aden Carver or Carson 9/16/1923 Crocker MO
Richard N. Cox 6/4/1920 Stockton MO
John C. Darnel 9/10/?? 1917? Veterans Home Napa CA
Robert W. Gilliam 10/21/1927 Soldiers Home CA
George W. Harty 11/8/1909
Isaac N. Harty 3/9/1915 Pueblo CO
James D. Harty 11/25/1930 Spokane WA
James Hinds 8/25/1925 Rayville MO
Cornelius C. Howard 5/28/1923? Sentinel OK
Green Humphreys 5/29/1929 Warrenton MO
William Jester 9/23/1913 Henly MO
James Johnson 2/23/1912
Rudolph Kimmick 10/5/1911
Louis Krock 12/20/1925 Sedalia MO
Granville W. Malone 8/14/1917 Big Pine CA
Asbury McCann 2/13/1910
James McIntyre 11/18/1931 Pendleton MO
John McLanahan 7/25/1871
William H. or K. Morgan 6/13/1911
Robert W. or N Norman 11/19/1922 Canaan MO
John A. or W. Robinson 3/5/1923 Lowry City MO
James W. Sampson 6/26/1928 Nebo IL
Cornelius Snediker or Snedeker 11/18/1913 Jonesburg MO
John D. Vansill 11/4/1914 Hugo OK
James H. Wright 3/23/1929 Salina KS