Post-War Deaths – Company C

The National Archives contains pension records for many soldiers of the 49th Missouri which are kept in separate files from their military records. The index to these records often recorded the date and place of death of soldiers receiving pensions and I have abstracted that data, when available, for the men of Company C.

Name Date of Death City State
Andrew Bacon 4/18/1926 Centaur Station MO
Henry Bates 6/11/1915 San Diego CA
Joseph Blanks 5/15/1916 Moscow Mills MO
Ishmael Bragg 11/29/1926 Medford OR
Fritz or Earnest F Brockman 5/7/1916 Wentzville MO
Ernst Heinrich Broeker 1/6/1915 Creve Couer MO
Charles Brune 4/3/1917 Josephville MO
Herman Dickbreder 1/4/1922 New Melle MO
George Dierker 1/12/1927 Wentzville MO
James J. Foster 6/2/1915 Clovis CA
Christian Hermeling 1/8/1915 St. Louis MO
Frederick W. Hoelscher 7/5/1924 Jonesburg MO
Joseph Joust 1/2/1913 St. Charles MO
Franklin Keen 11/12/1917 Sparta MO
Anton Kersting 12/1/1928 O'Fallon MO
Chalres Lemke or Lehcke 6/19/1916
Fritz Lobeck or Loebeck 3/1/1916 Gilmore MO
William Lofford or Loeffert 2/16/1925 Milford MI
William Lusher 3/12/1924 Denver CO
Henry Massman or Masman 10/23/1925 Battle Creek NE
Henry or Heinrich Mische or Mischer 7/5/1910
John R. Mooney 1/14/1918 Osowatomie KS
Ferdinand Munch or Muench 3/29/1920 Washington MO
John Nahm or Nakin 9/2/1924 Hainsburg MO
Herman Reinert 4/10/1922 Lake Geneva WI
Henry Roth 10/9/1925 St. Louis MO
Theobald or Dewald Roth 4/16/1919 Jennings MO
John M. Schiermeyer or Schermeyer 12/13/1913 Hainburg MO
Charles A. Schnaling or Schuraling 8/10/1924 National Military Home KS?
Gerhard Schnewend or Schnewind 1/7/1929 Claremore OK
Frank Schroer 4/1/1922 St. Louis MO
Charles Henry Schultz 8/21/1928 St. James MO
Anton Strunk 3/30/1921 O'Fallon MO