Post-war Deaths – Company A

The National Archives contains pension records for many soldiers of the 49th Missouri which are kept in separate files from their military records.  The index to these records often recorded the date and place of death of soldiers receiving pensions and I have abstracted that data, when available, for the men of Company A.

Soldier Date City State
Nathaniel Anson 1/12/1923 Truxton MO
Fountain Anson 11/19/1926 Eureka MO
John H. Aydlott 2/29/1920 Jonesburg MO
Edward Black 8/7/1924 Silex MO
James W. Brown 1/6/1911
Louis H. Capps 6/23/1910
Respina M. Chandler 2/2/1920 Danville Soldiers Home IL
William H. Clarke 11/5/1926 Joplin MO
Reuben W. Colbert 3/28/1918 New Truxton MO
Wiliam F. Colbert 6/10/1931 Whiteside MO
Abner D. Cox 1/9/1924 Silex MO
Samuel S. Cox 2/23/1931 Kansas City MO
William M. Darnel 3/11/1923 El Dorado Springs
John S. East 1/12/1927 Winfield MO
Charles B. Elder 1/25/1915 Silex MO
Henry Evans 4/20/1916 New Harford MO
Ellis Graham 10/10/1931 or 1921 Twin Falls ID
James A. Grimmett 10/29/1932 Bowling Green MO
Thornton F. Hancock 4/11/1928 Wellsville MO
Jacob C. Hopkins 7/14/1909
Samuel Hughlett 10/7/1915 Gazette MO
Jonathan Ingram 1/23/1921 El Dorado Springs
Mervin A Jones 12/26/1903 Santelle CA
Henry C. Jones 1922 Pike MO
Granville Kindred 9/3/1919 Alexander IL
Joseph S. King 7/15/1926 Eolia MO
Armstead F. Mabry 4/3/1915 Pike Co MO
Joseph H. Mitchell 1/31/1911
William F. Mitchell 12/28/1923 Henryetta OK
Augustus S. Morris 10/17/1927 Alton IL
William T. Owings 2/19/1918 Muldrow OK
Samuel J. Park 4/20/1929 Elsberry MO
Squire Pine 1/14/1881 St. Clair Co. MO
Joseph Sharmack 10/6/1923 Hawks Point MO
Joseph P. Shelker 7/24/1920 Troy MO
Malin H. Spyres 7/20/1923 Goodman MO
John Wheeler 9/15/1912 Carterville MO