Burial Sites – Company B

Below are listed the known burial sites of soldiers of Company B:

Adam O. Branstetter Marietta National Cemetery
Albert Cluster Forest-Llewellyn Cemetery, Adair Co., MO
Alexander Hunter Grace Hill Cemetery, Noble Co., OK
Alfred Oden Chalmette National Cemetery, St. Bernard Parish, LA
Bennett D. Gilliland Wellsville Cemetery, Montgomery Co, MO
Christian Straube St. James Veterans Home Cemetery, Phelps Co., MO
Christopher P. Lewis Green Lawn Cemetery, Vernon Co, MO
Edley W. Maxwell Big Springs Cemetery, Howell Co., MO
Edwin Wilson Pritchett Fairmount Cemetery, Montgomery Co., MO
Emmett H. Purdy Iantha Cemetery, Barton Co., MO
Eugene S. Lewallen Siloam Primitive Baptist Church, Pike Co, MO
Francis C. Clayton Barkley Cemetery, Ralls Co., MO
Francis Franklin Shepard Shepard Cemetery, Harrison Co., MO
George W. Porter Old Liberty Cemetery, Millwood, Lincoln Co. Mo.
Hezekiah Oden Star Cemetery, Montgomery Co., MO
Ira Pritchett Saint James Catholic Cemetery, Pike Co., MO
James A. Boone Monroe Cemetery, Benton Co., OR
James I. Kilby Kilby Cemetery, Pike Co., MO
James Jenkins Chalmette National Cemetery, St. Bernard Parish, LA
John A. Thompson Green Lawn Cemetery, Vernon, Co., MO
John Calvin Vannoy Kilby Cemetery, Pike Co., MO
John H.C. Dunn Mobile National Cemetery, Mobile, AL
John Hoffman Macedonia Cemetery, Audrain Co., MO
John M. Edmonds Goldenrod Cemetery, Whitman Co., WA
John W. Clayton Elsinore Valley Cemetery, Riverside Co., CA
Johnson F. Winscott Evergreen Cemetery, Snohomish Co, WA
Laury C. McKane Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis, Co, MO
Lorenzo D. Hays Montgomery City Cemetery, Montgomery Co, MO
Marcellus A. Hayes Oak Woods Cemetery, Cook Co, IL
Marion J. Woodson Laddonia Cemetery, Audrain Co., MO
Monroe S. Pritchett Marietta National Cemetery, Cobb Co., GA
Napoleon B. Roberts Marietta National Cemetery, Cobb Co., GA
Nathan J. Kilby Kilby Cemetery, Pike Co., MO
Phillip Tatum Dogwood Cemetery, Douglas Co., MO
Richard Shadwell West Prairie Cemetery, Pike Co., MO
Robert D Jasper Tulocay Cemetery, Napa Co., CA
Robert J. Trower Kilby Cemetery, Pike Co., MO
Samuel P. Williams Captain Smith's Cemetery, Madison Co., AR
Samuel Renner Fairmount Cemetery, Montgomery Co., MO
Thomas J. Grace Smyrna Church Cemetery, Pike Co., MO
Thomas R. Gilliland Wellsville Cemetery, Montgomery Co, MO
William Armstrong Marietta Nat. Cemetery, GA. Record says 5/11/65
William C. Sharp Wright City Cemetery, Warren Co., MO
William F. Gibson Leavenworth National Cemetery, Leavenworth Co., KS
William Renner Jefferson City National Cemetery, Cole Co., MO
Wilmer Handy Reed Greenwood Cemetery, Pike Co., MO

Post-war Deaths – Company B

The National Archives contains pension records for many soldiers of the 49th Missouri which are kept in separate files from their military records. The index to these records often recorded the date and place of death of soldiers receiving pensions and I have abstracted that data, when available, for the men of Company B.

Name Date of Death City State
Andrew K Bay 1/6/1930 Denver CO
James A. Boone 12/5/1919 Junction City OR
Francis C. Clayton 2/15/1930 New London MO
James G Clayton 1/14/1918 Elsinore CA
John W. Clayton 9/10/1913 Elsinore CA
John M. Edmond 9/5/1925 WA
William F. Gibson 8/13/1913
Thomas R. Gilliand 5/4/1918 Wellsville MO
William M. Grace 7/25/1920 Argos IN
Marcellus A. Hays 4/17/1910
John Hoffman 1/23/1916 Clark MO
Alexander Hunter 6/21/1928 Oklahoma City OK
Daniel Hunter 10/29/1911
Samuel L. Ingram 5/16/1922 Springdale AR
James A. James 3/20 or 3/30 1926 Britton OK
Robert D Jasper 2/15/1926 Napa CA
Stephen S. Kettle 1922 Wellsville MO
James I. Kilby 10/28/1897 Farber MO
Nathan J. Kilby 5/2/1927 Louisiana MO
Richard Lafferty Louisiana MO
Eugene Lewallen 9/23/1932 New Hartford MO
Christopher Lewis 8/25/1928 Schell City MO
Edley W. Maxwell 3/10/1920 Bly MO
Lowry C. McKane 11/23/1929 St. Louis MO
Hezekiah Oden 12/26/1924 Middletown MO
Sutton Parker 3/2/1911
Edwin W. Pritchett 12/1/1919 Martinsburg MO or ME
Ira Pritchett 1/19/1930 New Hartford MO
Emmett H. Purdy 3/5/1910
Wilmer or William H. Reed 11/21/1929 Macon MO
James S. Rutherford 8/5/1932 Louisiana MO
Richard Shadwell 12/5/1911
Christian Strawbe 1/15/1919 St. James Soldiers Home MO
Phillip Tatum 12/18/1915 Depew? MO
John A. Thompson 10/26/1915 Schell City MO
Robert J. Trower 8/19/1922 Bethel KS
John C. Vannoy 1/8/1921 Curryville MO
Henry Whipple 3/10/1910
Samuel P. Williams 8/5/1888 Aurora AR
Marion J. Woodson 5/1?/1929 Laddona MO