Post-War Deaths – Company E

The National Archives contains pension records for many soldiers of the 49th Missouri which are kept in separate files from their military records. The index to these records often recorded the date and place of death of soldiers receiving pensions and I have abstracted that data, when available, for the men of Company E.

Name Date of Death City State
Henry G. or C. Bickel 3/24/1911
Herman H. Bockhorst 7/1/1922 Hardesty, OH
Peter H. Bruning or Brunning 7/13/1917 Wright City, MO
Francis M. Campbell 4/22/1925 Troy, MO
William M. Doughty 12/18/1910 Annada, MO
James H. Early 7/5/1919 Roseburg, OR
Jacob H. Eversmeyer 11/17/1932 Warrenton, MO
Benjamin E. Ferry 6/12/1921 Elsberry, MO
August E. Forderhass 2/7/1913 Spokane, WA
Herman Gerdeman 12/28/1914 Lincoln Co., MO
Henry Gerken 1/13/1921 Wright City, MO
August Rrotewohl 1/14/1923 Wright City, MO
Jefferson W. Groshong 2/24/1918 Wright City, MO
Herman J. Heidebrink or Heidbrink 2/4/1927 Higginsville, MO
William Y. Howell 11/6/1927 National Military Home, KS
William M. Hutchinson 12/21/1909 or 12/24/1909
Frederick W. Jeorling or Joerling 8/12/1913 Marthasville, MO
Corydon A. Keithly 9/11/1912 Pomano, MO
Benjamin Kinion 7/26/1924 Ponoma, MO
Richard Kinion 12/10/1928 Troy, MO
John H. Koelling or Knelling 6/14/1926 Warrenton, MO
William B.D. Langford 9/19/1926 Wellsville, MO
Harvey A. Linn 4/13/1918 Angola, KS
Henry C. Niehuse or Niehuss 10/14/1931 Warrenton, MO
Abner V. Poor 3/2/1915 Hardin, IL
Thomas Rhodes or Rhoads 8/31/1914 Foley, MO
Joseph Rinaman 11/20/1902 Troy, MO
Herman H. Schafer 6/16/1909 Wright City, MO
George H. Scheer or Schoer 12/24/1915 Brownington, MO
John F. Schneider 12/3/1915 Summers, AR
Charles Schroder 1/23/1932 Wright City, MO
Elesor (or Eleazer) Zliazar Spyers 5/29/1914 Everton, MO
Henry Steffen or Steffer 5/1/1930 or 1920 Blackwell, OK
William Steffen or Steffon 8/29/1918 Wakefield?, KS
Frederick A. Toedaman or Toeteman 2/6/1930 Independence, MO
Andrew J. Triplett 10/18/1928 New Hope, MO
Henry C. Ulery 1/13/1915 Elsberry, MO
Frederick A. Vite or Vete or Vieth 10/26/1917 Fairbury, NE
Herman or Harman Wernecke or Weineke 1/3/1933 Caldwell, KS